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Florida will play a key role in 2020—and Florida’s elections are often decided by very narrow margins. In 2018, the election for governor was decided by 30,000 votes, or 0.4% of more than 8 million ballots cast.  Today more than 3 million Floridians are eligible to vote but are unregistered.

COVID-19 update: Community groups in Florida are reorganizing their voter-registration efforts, working out how to best reach new voters while keeping everyone safe. In the meantime, please ask your friends & family in Florida if they are registered to vote. If not, they can register online. If they are registered, encourage them to sign up online for vote-by-mail (the safest way to vote). And ask them to invite their friends and neighbors to do the same!

We will update this website as new information on how you can help becomes available. In the meantime, if you can afford it, please consider a donation to one of the organizations listed here, to support their efforts to make Florida a more fair and democratic state.

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New Florida Majority Education Fund

The New Florida Majority Education Fund (NewFM EF) is an independent nonpartisan racial justice organization, community-centered and multiracial, that is dedicated to creating an inclusive, equitable and just Florida by building up the unified power of the state’s historically marginalized groups. Learn more and volunteer →

Organize Florida Education Fund

The Organize Florida Education Fund is active in low-to moderate-income communities in Florida, empowering community members with the tools they need to be critically engaged in the political system. Learn more and volunteer →

Poder Latinx Collective Fund

Poder Latinx Collective Fund is a new organization working to build a political wave that makes immigrants, Latinx and other people of color real decision-makers in our political process. Learn more and volunteer →

Florida Immigrant Coalition

The Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) is a statewide coalition of more than 65 member organizations, working for the fair treatment of all people, including immigrants. FLIC has become a hub for a multi-racial social movement that includes community organizations, farmworkers, youth, advocates, lawyers, union members and more. Learn more and volunteer →

Forward Florida Action

Forward Florida Action focuses on voter registration, voter education and voter reengagement in Florida. Chaired by Mayor Andrew Gillum, Forward Florida Action (FFA) is working to transform the state by registering and reengaging 1 million voters ahead of the 2020 election. FFA aims to engage overlooked communities and rebuild our democracy. Learn more and volunteer →


HeadCount is a non-partisan national organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy. By staging voter registration drives at concerts and festivals, HeadCount has registered about 500,000 voters since 2004. Learn more and volunteer →

NextGen America

A national group with a focus on issues like climate change, health care & immigration, NextGen America is working to make sure that young people in Florida are registered to vote and get to the polls in 2020. It aims to register 50,000 new voters in Florida this year. Learn more and volunteer →

Unidos US

Formerly the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), Unidos US is a national Latino civil rights and advocacy organization, with 18 community-based affiliate groups in Florida. Unidos US works to challenge social, economic, and political barriers affecting Latinos in the United States. Learn more and volunteer →

Bring It Home Florida

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Bring It Home Florida is a new non-profit organization that advocates and organizes on issues that include health care, gun violence, the environment, and LGBTQ rights, with a special emphasis on promoting voter registration. Learn more and volunteer →

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